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Friday, November 30, 2012

Testing 1 2 3

Well I'm not as dumb as I look :). I did some quick research and found out how I can use links instead of pictures to bypass the ugly rule of only having 1000 pictures per blog...psshhh, I figured I had used that up a year ago but they were letting me get by because my kids are so darn cute :). 
So here is Mr. Baby Boy chilling before church one the spikey hair?

When you have 3 kids you have to get creative :). We forgot to bring the double stroller and Ribbit got tired so into the bottom basket she went :).

 Look what my super talented, super handsome husband made..a new pot rack for me...our old vent took up the entire size of the pot rack (an old window) and just overpowered the kitchen.
 Making shoe box gifts for friends around the world. During this event we were telling them how some of these kids don't get enough food or may even be homeless. Ribbit said "its so sad that Uncle Chris doesn't have a home".....hahaha, she realized that he had an apartment and is now living with my parents again so she thinks he is homeless...he loved that :)

 National Bun Day...wear a bun, eat a cinnamon bun!!

We put up two Christmas trees this year....both are somehow fashioned to the wall. Tonight alone we broke 3 ornaments. Ribbit wrapped Daddy while he was untangling beads and then finished and stood back to marvel her "christmas tree " :). Goober could care less about the nostalgia of everyone decorating while listening to christmas music...he literally ran through the house like a lunatic throwing the football and jumping over the he a teenager already? Please dear Lord, NO!!!

By the way, can someone confirm that they can see all of these pictures and that I really am smart :)

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