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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Why do we do this to ourselves?
We pulled into our driveway at 5 am this morning. At 6:30 am I and the two older kids got ready for school. Thats right..we drove back from Alabama over night. Baby boy HATES (like as much as I hate hot dogs) the we have or no-sleep. We have chosen the no-sleep route because frankly I am much better mother when I have no sleep versus when I LOSE MY COOL! So today was a rough day at school....both kids moved their behavior stick (big shocker there...I probably would have moved mine too). I made it through the day but crashed while the pizza was in the oven and everyone is going to bed early tonight!

We had a great time in Alabama though for thanksgiving. Got to see a lot of family, got to eat a lot of good food and honestly got pretty home sick. Now that we have kids it hard to drag them back to Texas as they ask when the next time they will get to see their grandparents will be. It honestly also stinks that so far all of our holiday traditions consist of sitting in a car for 12 hours, stopping at disgusting gas stations and living out of suitcases. I am very thankful for my job here in Texas and it would take Adam getting the JOB OF HIS DREAMS plus a STELLAR SALARY for me to quit...but who knows?

I will post pictures later but something worth noting are--

We practically got kicked out of my papa's nursing home. Ribbit sang " ring around the rosies" about 12600 times and then screamed bloody murder when she tripped over a ladies walker. She also asked several people if they were sick and what was wrong with them. Goober was only interested in sneaking away my papa's tootsie rolls and Baby Boy was pulling himself up on my papas wheel chair and screaming and spitting at him. My papa thought it was the best thing ever....every other sweet senior citizen was giving us the look of doom.

My kiddos got to experience a Pow Wow at the Porch Creek reservation close to my parents home. We used to go there a lot for thanksgiving...we have family members who are a part of the tribe and I think they really enjoyed. Goober and Ribbit even "rain danced" with Papa.

My mom got in on some Black Friday deals...nothing to crazy but just enough to say we went ...and we got a lot of items crossed off of our lists.

We got to stay with Nannie and Papaw in Boaz. I am pretty sure that they took a nap when we left. My kids were kinda off their schedule and would scream out in the middle of the night and of course asked for cookies every 5 minutes since Nannie's answer was always yes.

Oh, and I definitely gained at least 5 lbs. just off of sweet tea and ham....things I normally don't eat out here because the tea just isn't the right kind of sweet and because my husband doesn't like pork all that much. I took full advantage of having the right kind of SWEET TEA at every meal and sugar cured ham that had burnt edges :).

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