Friday, November 2, 2012

Chicken Treating

Me: " Trick o Treating, check"
Ribbit "Bounce Houses, check"

That was our conversation after we got back in the van after 1.5 hours of "chicken treating".
Every kind person that gave candy to our children heard "chicken treating from Ribbit and "trick er treat" from Goober. But only because Goober asked us 300000 times how to say it correctly and then we heard him whisper to himself that he needed to practice :).

The older children raced each other to every door to see who would get to knock on the door. So our little bumblebee was hauling booty across people's grass, their plants, flowers, hurdling bushes and pushing her much older brother out of the way saying " I LIKE THAT HHOOUUUSEEE". You see there were several houses she didn't like so she didn't care if Goober got there first and knocked. The houses she didn't like had super scary things like spiders and white trash bag ghosts.

They also revealed their huge lack of patience as both of them would knock, wait .00025 seconds and then turn around and say " nobodys home" with a frown and slump their shoulders. It was quite comical.

Baby Boy stayed pretty content in the stroller. One of the first houses we went to gave him a stuffed animal and he chewed the snot out of that thing and then played the game where he threw it and everyone else took turns picking it up. That ended when it got dark and lost it.

Another funny conversation happened about 1/2 way through chicken treating. Goober's bag of candy was getting quite heavy so we suggested it put it in the bag in the stroller. We warned him though that it may get mixed with Ribbit's candy but we would all share anyways. I said " it will be community candy". He turned around and said "well apparently my candy is already community candy, because you already ate my cookies"......haha, he still remembers that I ate 3 of his cookies that he brought home from a fall festival last week :)....I guess he is still upset about that too.

Some pictures and videos of our Halloween

Reformation Day at school...Sampson and The Queen Bee....Goober is totally cracking me up!

Ready for some "chicken treating"

We love our ball!!!

I apologize for the naked young un...but this is proof that she talks from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed!!!

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