Friday, November 9, 2012


Exhausted probably doesn't describe 1/2 of what I feel like right now.
We got home last night from a 53 hour trip to Alabama and 20 of those hours were spent in the car.......5 of those hours were spent calming my youngest who a)hates carseats and b)was constipated......those constipation grunts are the worst.

One of my best friends (im lucky to have multiple) mommas died this past weekend. She was a very sweet lady that I will always remember as being strong (raised 3 kids on her own), super funny (she was one of our cooler chaperones) and who loved her children and grandchildren. The sermon couldn't have been more super in that it was honoring to God and honoring to Ms. Debbie.
My sweet sweet friend has 2 younger children and the minute I heard about her mom I thought " i bet she is grieving more for the relationship lost with her children then anything else". She confirmed my thoughts later on that night.
My children did well at the funeral...gave us a chance to talk about death with them and the awesome reunion Brenna and her mom now have to look forward to.

We also got to see my parents and Uncle Chris for about 23 of those hours. The kids were needing a good dose of Uncle Chris...too long without him and they start minding their manners, lose interest in hard core floor wrestling, stop pinching people's butts and  forget phrases such as "shut up, whatever, butthead, etc". We do love him though and can't wait to see him again at Thanksgiving :).

I had awesome plans to work out tonight, make 3 dinners for families in need and cut my coupons. But then Adam reminded me of a meeting he has late tonight so instead I'm writing the blog, about to catch up on my show and probably pass out on the couch :).

Here are some pictures that have lived on my phone for way tooo long and some more recent ones.

He will hate me for this one day  :).

 Our Halloween onesie....she begged to wear it....this is our "good morning" face. Good morning usually comes out as "i want milk" though :)

Posing in our Sampson costume for Reformation Day :)

 Queen Bee
 Rockin out in brother's Sampson wig :)....I bet a million bucks that this is what his real hair would look like if we let it grow out...and cut it into a mullet. Business in the front, Party in the back!!

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