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Friday, November 16, 2012

1 more day

1 more day until Thanksgiving break....thank ya Jesus.

Our quick trip to Alabama has thrown us off and we can't seem to catch least that is how I feel.

Baby boy is now everywhere, as quick as lightning!  He likes to give kisses on the lips...sometimes a little too long :). He likes it when I point to everyone and say their names. He loves to play with his older siblings. He loves puffs...every flavor. He still hates the car seat ( oh joy ) and he hates when we change his clothes...I'm pretty sure he would rather be naked all the time. He is saying "da da,  ba ba,  and sometimes ma ma"...but its not super clear.

Ribbit is doing a little bit better at school.....our record is three days of good behavior in a row. She used to say that we did everything "last night" or "yesterday" but now we do everything "lasterday". She is constantly getting on to us about spreading germs :), and she recognizes all the circles and squares everywhere we go. She is starting to read a lot more, well her style of reading. She loves to wear her mittens so her "hands will stay warm".

Goober is doing so incredibly well in spelling that I have been forgetting to talk about it. He hasn't made below a 97 and knows most of his words by Tuesday or Wednesday. He has just grown up so much and only loses his behavior sticker every now and then when he has an off day. He has made several new friends this year, all of whom are just the sweetest little boys. We have been to about 2000 birthday parties already this year and I really like all of the families in his grade. He had an Egyptian Feast today after learning about Egypt and he told me he tried "figs, not the garden, but the chewy cookie ones".

Adam is officially a stay at home daddy. We had some "issues" with the lady who was keeping baby boy and since Adam was only working 2 days a week he quit. He loves staying home with him anyways and this way we may actually have a clean home every now and then ;). Its only until he finds a full time job but I'm so happy with this situation.

Goober making a great pull at his last game.

Baby Boy Spitting
 Baby Boy getting caught :)
Bedtime Story Ribbit style

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