Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Halloween

My oh My do our holidays look different now.

You know those 10, woops make that 11, pumpkins we have carved out on our front porch. Well they are now according to Ribbit "leaking". Its gross, they are black with mold, bent in on themselves and yes in fact are leaking. I guess we will leave them since they look "scary"...i mean thats how some people celebrate Halloween right?...with scary "leaking" pumpkins?

We also tend to take over at Fall festivals. My two older children are very very rough and therefore they scare all of the other little children in bounce houses. I was holding Baby Boy watching my other two jump and I saw through the netting this little hand come up, desperately grab what netting they could, and then a small little girl face with a "HELP ME DEAR GOD" look followed but only for a brief second because my daughter was bouncing to close and she couldn't keep her balance long enough to scream for her mom. It was classic.

I had to laugh for several looonnng minutes before I told the mom that I think her child was ready to come out..and before I could ask my two to tone it down a bit. 

Thanks to my parents, we also have to sing Monster Mash WAHEWWWWWWW about 20 times a day as well. Its not acceptable to sing it without repeating the WAHEWWWW part at least 12 times with our arms outstretched and moving from side to side. Charming.

Ribbit also does not understand how a "cake walk" works. She walked on the inside of the circle of chairs, in the opposite direction of all of the other children playing. She ran to "her chair" every time....not the one she was closest to...but "her chair". No other child could sit there either, it was "her chair". The problem with that is that her chair never won....not for 15 rounds of playing cake walk. That number is not an exaggeration. Good thing she is cute, right?...thats what the teenagers working that station thought too and finally "pulled" her chair # to win. She immediately raised her hand, grabbed her brownies and asked to eat them all because she was " so so hungry"--her new phrase.

A look at Halloweens past.....

Our last year in TN...we were...wait for it...Ceiling Fans....haha, yes we did make this up 20 minutes before meeting our friends for a haunted house/pumpkin patch outing.

Our first year in TX...Our Pump "Cam". Ohhhh...lets just pause here and remember that glorious season and never let it fade from our memory...especially not right now when they are doing so AWFUL!


 Our 2nd year in TX...I was a SUDOKU puzzle and Adam was a #2 pencil....once again, our creativity impresses even us.
 And here comes our sweet sweet kiddos..trick o treating with my 2 of my sweet sweet students last year!
 And a glimpse of our Halloween so far this year....

Yup we put our 7 month old (now 8 months) in a pumpkin...don't worry we aren't THAT redneck, we put him inside a Kroger bag first :). Look he loved it!
 Elvis ran by super quick, scared to death!
 By this picture the kids were done. I had to pretend to toot on Adam and then slip and fall to get any sort of "real" smiles out of them. If our neighbors weren't already suspicious, well we have proven that we are in fact CRAZY!! I was making all kinds of sounds and weird motions to get and hold their attention, while they smiled and keeping Baby Boy from eating his way out of that pumpkin.
Love my sweet sweet family....can't wait to see what crazy things we do next :)

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