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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vball season is over...wah wah

Tonight was our last volleyball game. We ended with a was such a stellar season with only one game loss over all. I will somewhat miss it...but now I get to see my kiddos every night of the week and put them to bed every night too!

Adam's stoked that I will be home more to help as well...what a good Daddy!!!!

He caught Goober the other morning, butt naked, with one hand high in the air praising Jesus, one hand holding a pretend microphone and he was belting out " My Jesus, I love thee, I know thou art mine.....". He LOVES LOVES LOVES that song. It was October's Hymn of the Month and we have sung on just about every car ride and he has sung it in almost every shower :).  He doesn't really know how to undulate (is that even a word?) his voice on the part "my Sav hav your art tho ow ow ow" instead he just shakes his head :).....crazy little man.

Baby Boy is now everywhere...we are constantly picking up things that he is booking it towards. He can go from sitting position to crawling just like that and he is fearless (well Ribbit still scares him but she would scare me too). He is eating all Baby Food including meat...but still excluding sweet potatoes and laying off of carrots too..must be an orange thing. He loves loves loves puffs and applesauce. He loves to talk, especially in the car where he competes to be heard over his siblings.

Ribbit is having trouble making good choices everyday at school. She likes to throw toys, disrupt naptime with crazy antics and scream when she doesn't get her way. Once again, good thing she is cute.....I literally have to sit every time I get a phone call and the caller ID says our schools name. I just think " what did she do now?".

Here are some pictures of my 3 blessings...

I love how lovingly Ribbit is looking at her big brother.

BIG man....don't be fooled, those shoes were off in less than 5 seconds.

 Holding hands while watching some Veggie Tales....sweet sweet brothers.

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