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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Busy Busy

We have been too busy having fun lately. Papa and CC got here on Thursday afternoon and we have been going ever since. They not only came in to go to the State Fair with us, have a belated friend birthday with the kiddos and hang out..but also to watch Ribbit and Goober since they were out of school two days while Adam and I still had to work.

So far we have gone to the State Fair, Pumpkin patch, had a trampoline birthday party, taken family pictures and eaten some good food.....and they are still here for one more day!

Baby Boy has just become so determined to pull up on anything he can and when he crawls towards you it melts your heart. You can't help but pick him up and squeeze him to death after watching how hard and fast he crawled to get to you ....all the while showing that toothy grin.

We have all been giving mean looks and gotten on to by Ribbit. Apparently the potty words made it to school and her teacher has been telling the whole class " we don't say potty words". So, even if you are just comparing two things ...... we could do this BUT this looks like more fun......she has a little radar that goes off and she says " we don't say potty words"....because you said "but". Everytime I wipe her "bottom" I also get in trouble because I tell her to let me help her wipe her booty and then I get scolded.

Adam and I also had parent teacher conferences today and were so happy after leaving both. Both teachers praised our kiddos, told us how sweet they are, gave us a few areas to help them out in and prayed over them.....Reason # 7615291 why I love our school!!!! 

So here are a few pictures from our day at the fair....the biggest state fair in the US!!!

 In front of Big Tex....Ribbit was scared to death and cried her heart out.
 In the butterfly garden section.
 Yummy pumpkins!
 He loves holding on to Papas beard!
 "I wanna ride de doll fins all by myself!"
More pictures to phone is acting up and they are all on there.
Remember to buy a clock or a puzzle piece for Mr. Eric....we want him home with his mom and dad ASAP!!!

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