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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Let the pictures speak for themselves...

First though let me tell you what my sweet daughter said..... to a lady........ a larger lady......that was pulling a frozen pizza out of the shelf to put in her cart at Kroger.

"Pizza will make you fat and when you are fat you are fat".....yup, I'm pretty sure she pointed at her and stared her down at the same time. It was awesome, especially for her mom who tried to hide behind the grocery cart, cup her child's mouth so that no other awesome things would come out and then pushed the buggy out of Kroger so fast that she left skid marks.

You see, Ribbit started asking us for Pizza at every meal and no other answer satisfied her besides "if you eat to much pizza you will get fat". Can you say " backfire"?

She also started telling people (including Uncle Chris on skype) " my mom and dad is not fair".....WHAT???...where did she learn that?
Probably the same place where she learned to chant " U  S  A, U  S A" really loud while fist pumping and giving people that pass a face that says " I OWN YOU".

At least she is cute right?

Pretty princess watching her big brother play flag football while she eats her lunchable. Thanks for the tiger chairs CiCi and Papa!!!
 This is how Baby Boy chose to watch the game...he was super fascinated with the grass and mommies toes. Do you see Goober out there? He's in the white shirt and black shorts....he he.
 Check out who I found reading together one afternoon? I have no idea how I snuck up on them...both of them have super sonic hearing..especially when mom is carrying her camera!
 Muffins with Mom at school....this is super early in the morning and all Ribbit cared about was eating her chocolate muffin that she talked about for 2 weeks straight. Goober was soooo social, and ran around the cafeteria talking to all his friends. This picture in a word is a Miracle!
 Nope, this is not her halloween costume.....nope we aren't going to a birthday party....we are just running errands....she wanted to wear her Cinderella outfit and this momma was not fighting that battle.By the way this is what she was wearing when she told the lady how it was at Kroger.....yeah, that didnt' make things 100x worse. Being told you are fat by a 3 year old diva in a princess outfit.
 These two pictures are for comparison.....the first is from this past summer in Auburn...with our good friend Aubie!
 This is from the summar before eating ice cream probably on a game day. Where did my little girl go?

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