Friday, October 26, 2012

Diaper Blessings

Baby Boy is just now wearing diapers that his mommy and daddy purchased. He is 8 months old and we just now had to buy the little stinker diapers. We still have wipes and baby bath soap and outfits up to our eyeballs though. What a testimony to the sweetness of our friends and the prompting of God in others lives to bless us.

Baby Boy is now saying lots of ba ba ba BA with a very silly face. I think he may be trying to say bottle. Lots of da das too! When I went to get him out of his crib the other morning he was sitting there, almost indian style just talking away to whoever would listen :).

Ribbit is getting soooo smart and picking up on everything. She reminds mommy and daddy to use our manners quite often and makes all kinds of observations. She likes to tell everyone that she doesn't go to the baby class anymore at church either :). Tomorrow for Reformation Day at school she is going to be a bumble bee. She has reminded me several times over the last 2 weeks that she needed tights underneath her costume because it itches her. We finally got those tonight and she is very excited.

Goober is going to be Sampson. Sooo..we got a muscle suit, but a wife beater over it and bought a long crazy wig. Nothing else will do.
He is going through chapter books faster then we can buy them. We made a very large donation to the book fair this week...its something we are definitely encouraging but we have to constantly ask him to stop reading in order to do homework, eat dinner, walk :).

Here's our adventures of pumpkin carving this year. Both kids were extremely disgusted...thus the faces :)
 She wanted to reach in and feel it but then had to shake her hands vigorously to get the "yuck" off.
Check out Goobers face..he is literally disgusted :)
 My yittle punkin
 Mommy its got EW!
 Showing her how to light the candle inside.
 See my punkin with de light?
 He finally reached in to dig some out but then immediately washed his hands!
 His "goofy smile" face. Love those sweet glasses and curly hair!
 Our ghost.
 2 of our 10 pumpkins lit :)

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