Saturday, September 29, 2012

Potty Mouth

Did you know that saying anything related to using the bathroom is super funny to all 3year olds? I didn't...until now. I think I have heard "pee pee" "do do" "to to" "poo poo" and any other word you can say twice to sound like human waste at least 500 times this week. The minute she says it she laughs like she is the funniest thing on this earth....and she is :).

Ribbit has also started talking about volleyball girls as if they were part of the family. She ask about them all the time, where they are, what they are eating, if they are eating muffins (we love muffins here), and why they aren't at school yet. And yes she always says "ballyball gearls" when referring to them.

Goober is such a big man....too big. There are pros and cons...I have been making mental lists for days now.

1. He really has the best heart ever and wants to love all over you if you give him the chance.
2. He can push a grocery cart....thats right...we are a 2 cart family now. If I weren't so stinking tired after our grocery runs I would take a picture...but Ribbit and Baby Boy ride in one cart with mommy's purse, coupon book and diaper bag. Goober pushes the other cart behind me with the food. He actually loves it, its not a punishment :).
3. He can turn the volume up for me when I am working out ....oh yeah, by the way Adam got me an AWESOME ELLIPTICAL and for the past week I have been working out after the kids go to bed....until I need the volume turned up and yell for Goober :).
4. He no longer thinks, breathes and begs for McDonalds....THANK YA JESUS!!!

1. He really does eat more then me.....I have to make sure that there is enough food for seconds for him at every meal. At Chic Fil A he orders off the regular menu and then ask for some of mine...its comical.
2. He is super hard to carry. He gets in the moods where he wants me to hold while we are walking in the 2000 degree heat, with his legs wrapped around me. I always always oblige since I feel like I missed out on the "holding" years with him but dang if that boy ain't super heavy and makes me sweat!!!!
3. He grows out of clothes before I can wash them even once. There is a day at least once every semester that throws us off. Its called spirit wear and the kids don't have to wear uniform. Therefore Goober scrambles to find jeans and non school shoes to wear.....and at least once a semester he comes out of his room claiming that his jeans no longer fit and his shoes are too tight. Since we rarely wear non-school clothes ( that are also non play clothes) we have a hard time knowing when he is going through a growth spurt. I buy his school shoes big and his uniform clothes have elastic in them. So we panic and normally resort to athletic pants and crocs :).
4. His "toys" cost too much. His wishlist include 4 wheelers, playstations (NOT GONNA HAPPEN) and other things that cost way too much money and that I will never find a coupon for.

I still love that stink though...even if he does empty my pantry at every meal and reminds me to "watch my language" when I said "crap" the other day :).....I was referring to a food chain if you are wondering. He said that a better choice would be to call it " junk food"....such a wise soul.

No pictures or videos for coupon binder needs cleaning out and I am still recouping from my trip to Sam's today with all 3 kids by myself.

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