Sunday, September 2, 2012

Its Football Season!

As we pulled out of our driveway tonight we tried to persuade our kiddos that they have the two coolest parents in the world. They didn't buy it, but we still believe it :). You see we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Auburn vs. Clemson game with 125 other Auburn fans in the DFW area. I was really worried that it would be loud, drunken people who just screamed War &^%$ Eagle. Buuuuuttttt, to my surprise, all of our classy fans were there, with their children, leading cheers, high fiving (is that how you spell fiving?) each other and helping us brainwash our children raise our children right.
By the end of the 2nd quarter Ribbit was screaming "WARRR EAGLE" and Goober knew exactly when and how to say "WWWAAAARRRR EEAGGLLLEE Hey!". Baby Boy did quite well too, eating his dinner, loving on mom and dad and almost falling asleep before we left.
Everyone loved their cute auburn gear and would could gawk at them and tell us how cute our children were. We always always say Thank You, and then in private talk about how stinkin blessed we are. We hit the cute, loving, well behaved jackpot as far as kiddos go.

Ribbit also announced to the people at the table beside us (who by the way mom and dad were from Fairhope and graduated high school the same year as your darling daughter) very proudly "I GOTSTA GO POOPS"...and off we ran to the potty!

This morning we celebrated our 1 year Gotcha Day anniversary with a trip to Sea Life. The kids had a great time, shrieking " mom ", "dad", "come look at this" every minute or so. Here are some of those sweet pictures with more to come later....Goober kills my phone every day with his game play so I have hard time getting pictures off at night :)
 When we saw this we had to buy it. I love how Goober is totally buying into it, Ribbit doesn't know what is going on but feels the need to join us in the raising of her hands, and Baby Boy is more interested in the lights coming from the doorway.

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