Thursday, September 6, 2012

Not much to say tonight..I'm glad to be home with my kiddos. I really enjoy coaching and so far my girls have had an awesome season but those nights that I get to be with my kids at dinner and put them to bed are the best.
One funny is that Ribbit has started calling us different names and then pointing out that she is calling us that name. Here is a sample conversation.
Mom: "Ribbit, be careful with Baby Boy"
Ribbit: "Okay, careful"
Ribbit: looking very pleased with herself "Mommy, I called you careful".

The best is how she says "Shawn". She and Goober love a cartoon called "Shaun the Sheep". Its claymation and actually pretty funny. The themesong is sung by a person with a british accent so to Ribbit that sounds like "shown". Therefore she calls Adam and I "shown" a lot and thinks its quite funny. It took us a while to figure that out though...we had to hear her say "shown the sheep" :).

Goober has had 2 violin lessons so far and knows how to hold the bow and some warm up exercises.We will see how far we have come at Christmas time.

Here are some videos of Baby Boy...the first one is a song we sing...I like to remind him and Goober that I am the only girlfriend they can have :)
The second video is his attempt to crawl...he is sooo close!
and here are some more pictures of just life.
 My little artist....he is so talented at drawing, must get that from his momma :)
 Look who is in a big boy high chair....he only tolerates it for about 20 seconds then he realizes he is being confined and screams :)
 Our Pink Piggy for barnyard animal day. Those ears came off within the first 15 minutes of class...oh well, at least I got a cute shot of her in the morning.
 HAPPY 1 YEAR GOTCHA PHOTO...We celebrated everyday of our 3 day weekend! We hope to have another Gotcha Day very very very soon.
 We had to do a silly picture...or wait, maybe this should be called normal :)
 Night Night Mommy.....we always sing to one another and give lots of kisses...then he just rolls over and sleeps away 12 hours.

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