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Monday, September 24, 2012


I normally have a mental checklist in my head for what needs to get done over the weekend.
For example
1. Wash all school uniforms ( this becomes very evident on Tuesday mornings as we start smelling things to see just how they dirty they are :))
2. Get some dinners ready for the week (if not we hit up Chic Fil A and do oven pizzas and Ribbit tells us all that we are going to get fat)
3. Dishes -- so glad Ribbit and Goober have started helping with this chore
4. Skype with grandparents--not every weekend but every other is the goal
5. Football games, church, birthday parties, any free things being offered and/or watching AU football with friends.

You may have noticed that cleaning the house is not on my list...yeah, I stopped putting it on there because I only get disappointed come Sunday night when I have to make a path from bedroom to bedroom......we normally clean for CPS and Adoption Agency visits so it gets done at least every other week.

This weekend we added in building teddy bear floats for a teddy bear parade at school, eating at a new Lebanese restaurant in town (YUMMO--the kids thought it was disgusting...they haven't developed a taste for good or HEALTHY food yet), watching the AU football game with our church friends, and a flag football game of our own. On the bright side all 3 kids allowed us to get a one hour nap today after church....HAPPY DANCE!!!

Tonight at dinner (leftover finger food from the football game last night) we were asking Goober how he got such a good almost scary....very visual learner!! He said " God made me special and he loves me very much". A definite Veggie Tale line but true none the less. He is such a sweet little boy and soooo anxious to learn about God and to read his word. Check out the new memory verse he finally got down!

He also came out of his room yesterday morning wearing this outfit and claiming he was ready for his flag football game.....and yes, he was very serious....I thought to myself " definitely Adam's son"....and then I laughed on the inside for that very funny thought for a while..hahahaha.

Here is a cute video of Goober playing with Baby Boy....she basically ignores him unless she is trying to get a laugh or trying to dress him up....wait for the comment about her neck at the end....crack me up!

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