Monday, September 3, 2012

More Sea Life

Here are the rest of the pictures from our day of Celebrating.

Auburn lost, but we still cheered "WAR EAGLE"! Now if all these annoying Alabama fans would leave Texas (they were all here to play Michigan) because frankly their mullets and houndstooth are starting to outwear their welcome.

Here's Baby boy eating out....He's not allowed to get any bigger or cuter!
 Brave Goober.
 He thought of this all on his funny!
 Baby Boy loved looking at all the fishies.
 The tunnel!!

 After finishing a nice dinner of rice cereal :)

 My 3 little angels!
 She has to be just like brother!
 Daring to step on the glass over the tank!

Off to the Auburn Party at Buffalo Wild Wings....partying with 125 other Auburn fans is almost as good as being in Jordan Hare Stadium!

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