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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Football Season

This morning was Goobers first football game of the season. The weather was perfect and the two younger kids were pretty good. Goober was quarterback and played like a pro. He made several beautiful passes and lots of good tackles. He got several compliments after the game for his athletic ability. He really does have a lot of talent.

In other news we have an army crawler now....Baby boy gets up on all 4's, rocks for a whlie and then plops down and uses his elbows to inch his way forward.

Ribbit decided that her sea horse needed a "baf" yesterday morning and threw him in the toilet....Adam was real excited about fishing that thing out. He put it in the washer and right when we got home from school she reminded him to finish cleaning her seahorse...he he.

We are heading over tonight to watch the LSU vs. AU game with some of our friends who support "the other team". Its going to be fun though and Goob and I have been preparing lots of tailgate food to take with us.

Here are some videos......WAR EAGLE!!!!

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