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Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today after school Goober went home with one of his friends, whose older sister is one of my students. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this family and was glad that Goober and their son are building a friendship. Anyways, when I went to pick him up the mom told me how Goober was offering advise all day ......thus, my first long sigh of the day as I braced myself to hear what he said.
She couldn't keep a straight face as she told me how her older daughter (my student) was telling her that she was worried about how well she did on her spanish test. Goober said "the bible says not to worry about anything, no one is perfect" with a little cock to his head.
Then, he announced to the whole family that if someone ever slaps you in the face you don't slap them back........wait for just kick them in the privates.....enter second long sigh :).

Ribbit's quote of the day 6 this morning, with no clothes on, using the potty but kinda falling asleep while using it....too much info, sorry, just trying to set the scene ... she jerks awake after almost falling into the potty and looks at me with horror and says "mommy, don't flush me down the toilet, I not fit in the tunnel".....yeah we both laughed about that for a while.

Today was also Fun Run at our school. Goober ran 43 laps, adding  6 more onto his record from last year....the boy literally didn't stop....which explains all of my blurred pictures. But even more shocking then that is the fact that Ribbit ran 22 laps!!!!!!!!! I fully expected 2 laps, meltdown, whining and begging for milk, repeat.
Nope, she ran the first 5 laps with mommy, the next several with daddy and then after we had to leave she kept running with several senior girls who were out there to help. She was booking it and was quite possibly the cutest little running machine I have ever seen.
Needless to say they are both out and I expect to for them and ME to get some good sleep tonight!!!

I'll upload Fun Run pictures another night. I need to get to awesome 7th grade volleyball team has a tournament tomorrow!!

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