Monday, September 10, 2012

De gospel

This morning when we got in the van after church we asked both of the older kids what they learned in sunday school. Goober said "Noah was disobedient" which we replied How? and he didn't have an we chalked it up to him not listening or just misunderstanding the teacher. Ribbit however told us this "Noah built a boat and took piggies, giraffes, and then de gospel"......we fell out laughing. She knew her stuff...or at least we thought she did until she disagreed with us about it raining :).

This morning our pastor preached a sermon on Stories from Acts. He then invited several families he had been in contact with to share their stories through "Cardboard testimonies". You write a before part of the story on one side of the cardboard and then the after on the other side.....5 to 6 words on both sides. Adam, Goober and I walked up with our cardboard that said on one side " We prayed for a child" and on the other side it said " and God gave us 3 in 1 year". It was a very somber mood, very emotional mood until we flipped our sign and people actually laughed and clapped for us :). Adam and I were both very emotional on stage thinking back over the 3 blessings we have been entrusted with. Goober was very excited to go on stage with us and he got lots of compliments on his glasses and how handsome he was up there :).

Crazy Hair Day volleyball practice before school....2 of my sweet players in the background :)....does anyone else think he looks a little like Dennis Rodmen?
 Lining up to start the Fun Run :)
 Tell me this is not the cutest class. That is our beloved Mrs. Russell leading her 3 year olds out. Ribbit is holding her friend "Naphan"'s hand....we have heard from Nathan's parents that he talks about Ribbit at home just as much as she talks about him.
 I just love this sweet little class.
 Goober with his two seniors...Melanie and Johnny.
 The first couple of laps.
 He tore off and didn't stop to rest until someone made him :)
 Running like a pro!

 Such a good little athlete.
 Daddy stopped by to run some laps too!
 His senior Johnny would mark his shirt after every lap and then smack his butt to get him going on the next lap....Goober thought that was totally cool because that is what real football players do...HA
 Her telling me she can run "by myself"....and she did!

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