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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Miracle in the Harvell House

We had a miracle occur today in our presence......a life altering miracle that shocked the snot out of both parents.....this may never ever happen again.....

All 3 kids stayed in bed, no not sleeping, but quietly stayed in their bed until 7:30.....but the real miracle is that Yes, they went to bed on time last night......yes, they were all still alive and not harming one another......and no, sleeping medications were not involved.

We were blown away and had to pinch ourselves to make sure we were really waking up 2 hours later than normal. The morning got better as Adam and I made breakfast while Goober read the story of Moses and the 10 plagues aloud. Ribbit and Baby Boy played together on the living room floor. Then we all sat down and enjoyed breakfast together with the windows open, newspapers on the table being read and everyone in a great mood........what a difference 2 extra hours of sleep can do!!!

I should have known the rest of the day would be awful though.....none of the kids really napped and we went to 2 pretty big and long parties. By 6:00 tonight Ribbit had had about 75 meltdowns, busted her lips at the hosts home of party #2, hit the same lip on the hosts trampoline...refused to eat anything but chips and cookies and then hit the same lip on a recliner. Her nose was bleeding, lip swollen and constant whining continued. The boys faired much better....of course Baby Boy was passed around and Goober had a Wii to keep him entertained.

This week has been hectic....2 volleyball games, CPS visit, girls night out,  2nd grade homework (can I brag---3 100's on spelling tests in a row for Goober) and a field trip. I tried to stay awake but most nights I was out by 9:00.

We found out some somewhat promising news this week. A court date is set for Sept. 20th to figure out if rights will be taken away from mom or if she will get an extension to March to work services. The judge is pushing towards termination which means adoption for Baby Boy could happen end of Sept/end of October.

We also had two birthdays in the family this week!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE JASON!!!!!  We hope to see you soon!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CICI!!!! WE love you and we really confused Ribbit when we said that it was your birthday. She insisted that her school (similar to CC's name) did not "haf a birfday"...and that we were "so so so silly".

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