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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I may be begging you....

Please please PLEASE read this post from our friends who are adopting from Belize and consider donating towards their adoption cost (22,000) and/or buying a clock from them. The sooner they get the money, the sooner Mr. Eric can have a forever family...can you imagine waiting 11 years to have a family? Can you imagine one child after the next being adopted while you are left at an orphanage? I can't....I can't talk about what my own children have been through without getting all leaky.

Donate for Mr. Eric     DO IT DO IT NOW...PLEASE :)

Speaking of getting leaky...its something my husband doesn't do a lot of. Until, you talk about his children....particularly his children's past. This sunday our leader wanted to interview us in front of everyone about our children's journey, especially Goober. The jist of the lesson was how the Israelites were adopted by God, out of a situation that was less then ideal. They were adopted out of a life of slavery in Egypt and given a chance for freedom in Christ. All they had to do was obey his 10 commandments....which they could never get right...especially #1-You shall have no other gods before me.

So they start interviewing us and the first question is "tell us a little bit about Goober's background before the adoption". Adam took that one and began to speak. I could tell things were going south and told him "thats enough"....he immediately lost it. We didn't even skim the surface of what our little boy has been through. We don't like talking about certain things he has seen or experienced and when he (goob) brings things up from his past,  a lot of times I have to ask him to change the subject because of how mad I find myself getting at what he was allowed to be exposed to. It's hard saying out loud what your child has gone through and internally acknowledging the fact that you couldn't rescue them from that.

Adam came home and during lunch explained to Goober why he was so emotional. He reminded him of how a Daddy's role is to protect his family and that it pains him more then anything else that he couldn't protect him during those times. Goobers face was all smiles the whole time he saw his dad getting emotional and during the explanation.

It reminded me of how physically achey I used to get to hold a child...and how I prayed to God to protect our children while we waited to adopt them......and how God gave me the name "goober--insert real name" a long time before we ever met our kids and told me to pray for that name.

It also reminds me of how much more protecting we have to do for them. I am soooo blessed to be able to send my children to a christian school where they are being fed the word every day and are somewhat "sheltered" from the world. I do not think that sheltering our kids is a bad I learned at inservice this past week, Daniel was sheltered from the normal "diet" and practices while in Babylon and he showed the Babylonians his God and his God's ways. We are giving our children a different daily diet as well and hoping that they will be different in this world and follow God's ways....not the easy, average, sinful, wicked ways of this present day Babylon.

My three little Daniels....

Goober at the Vball tournament with mom :) coaches assistant I have ever had!
 Sweet thing dressed up for church....Thank you CC and Papa for the cute finally fits!!!
 Check out this handsome dude...sporting some separates :). I could just squeeze him..oh wait, I do!!!!!
Okay, now for real....PLEASE GO DONATE TO BRING ERIC HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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