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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

Its 8:30.  My brother and mom are just as sugared up and excited about Santa coming as my two oldest are. Therefore they are all in the den screaming, laughing and probably about to wake up baby boy....we gave up a long time ago.

We had a gingerbread house building contest tonight...i can see that becoming a family tradition, except we might to make a rule that you can't lick your fingers every 5 seconds.

Here's some more photos from our family christmas.

Opening stockings yo. 

Proper pose :)

Why did Santa leave a snorkel kit with my stocking?
Helping Big Man open his stocking!
Dad getting some organizational things for his workbench.
Dad always shakes his presents and makes this face when it comes to opening gifts.

We are having a great time here in Alabama so far. That dang drive is always awful but at least we get a nice long trip this time. We have been to three different church services so far this trip and in each one we definitely won for Most Distracting, Loudest, Most Obnoxious, however Cutest family there :)

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