Saturday, May 5, 2012

Still here..

Updating the blog has not been on my list this week. My mother in law has been here therefore things have been a lot more smooth and mom and dad are getting sleep!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!
I have also been depressed about some stuff with baby boy and the fact that we still aren't 100% sure that we will get to adopt him..I don't want to share things on here...its his privacy as of right now and once again I don't want to paint the birth mom and dad as villians. We are praying for God's will to be done, but it sure is hard to look into sweet little face and think that at any day he could be taken away from us and sent back to a less than desirable home.

Funny things to document.

Baby Boy- You are rotten, literally. Your farts rival dad and Goober. You have the best little grins and are cooing at us and talking back. You like to lay on your Baby Vegas mat and watch the little mobiles. You are sleeping a good chunk of the night. You LOVE LOVE LOVE your daddy. When you hear his voice you lock in on him and just stare. You scared yourself really bad the other day when you farted and coughed at the same got super upset!!!

Ribbit-You are super bossy and if people aren't playing by your rules then you get mad. You are back in all panties and the other night at 2 am I felt little hands on my face and your legs were shaking and you said "mommy, i have to go pee" in the most saddest little voice. You had been holding it all night and are such a big girl. You call your face "your space" and you call any sort of containers " bollums". You demand milk at every hour of the day and you love to have snacks. You are running as fast as your little chubby legs will carry you and your hair is getting curlier every day. You sweat like a pig when you sleep and when you wake up you look like you have been electrified with that curly hair sticking out at every angle.

Goober-You are all boy and run circles around the house...literally. You have your good days and bad day at school but you know how to say I'm sorry and how to accept the consequences. You are getting better and better at spelling and the books I thought you would never read, you are flying through !!! You are almost in 2nd grade and I am so proud of all you  have learned this year. You are always quick to remind mom that God has a plan, you like to remind me of that when I am sad and you say it with all the faith in the world. You give the best compliments like " mom your orange chicken is 100 times better then panda" when it really kinda stinks. You tell me that the next time we go to Wal Mart you are going to let me buy make up and clothes :). I love how you hold my hand when we walk to school and reach for it in parking lots...please stop growing up!!!!

No pictures or videos for today...I'm gonna enjoy having help here for another night and watch Biggest Loser reruns while I eat a bowl full of fruit salad (aka-sugar with more sugar).

Summer countdown=11.5 more days with students, 1.5 days of insevice!!

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