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Monday, May 21, 2012

Goober was baptized

Goober was baptized this morning at our church. His teacher, teacher's aid and our neighbors all came to support him. Uncle Chris was also there which was by far his favorite part. Adam went with him and he said that they whole time Goober was asking how long it was going to last...I think he was really scared about being held under the probably had something to do with Uncle Chris telling him that they would hold him under until no more bubbles came up :). It was a great day for us and the best part was that when our pastor asked Goob who his savior was he said " JESUS CHRIST" in a very loud voice and almost like a little soldier. We are so blessed to know that God is working in his life and pursuing him. I videoed the whole thing and will get it up later after I edit. Here are some pictures from our "month" with grandparents and uncles!

We celebrated Goob's birthday at school early since its in the summer.
 Here is a graduation gift I made for a girl soccer player graduating from West Point..if you want personalized nesting dolls, let me know :)
 All the way down to the camo uniform.
 The backs

See Papaw at the end of the table? He took cupcakes to Goobers class to celebrate his "birthday".

  I love this picture but the feel the need to explain. Some of my dad's luggage got left in Alabama and then he ruined some other clothes putting up the kids playset with Adam. So therefore he went to the 99 cent store and bought this beauty.....thats right, then he wore that to my son's private christian school.....the receptionist had a good laugh about it and then called me to verify that Goob could leave with this man wearing a t-shirt depicting a skeleton riding a motorcycle with the flag in the background. My dad attempted to make it less risque by putting his nametag over the skull....haha.

A set that my Mixed Media class made for the Logic School Dr. Seuss play.

  Returning from his "birthday" day out with Papaw...see all the loot he came home with and is wearing?...I don't want to even know the ungodly amount of sugar that child ate that day....oh grandparents.
 Posing with two of his three "latino bambinos" :)
  CC loving on baby boy...he could sit on that porch all day and watch cars go by.

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