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Monday, May 14, 2012

My Mothers Day

Adam gave me the best present ever and helped me gets all of us dressed in yellows and then took pictures of me with my kiddos!!!!...he also let me go shopping for 3 hours by myself :).  Good Man, Good Man!!

Check out little man's shoes...they only stayed on until sunday school...and even then he kicked them off several times :)
 Goober is soo good at taking pictures!!!
 Our new background playset...thank you Daddy and Papaw!!!
 Little man is the only one looking at the camera :)

 Me and my boys :)
 I had to crop Goober in this one because he was just stinkin cute!!!!!
 Well Ribbit, was much more interested in her "toenails" and "toy"...her fingernail polish and file
 After church, we went out to eat and came home to get one more snapshot with Daddy!!! Goober carries that purse with her everywhere she goes...isn't it a a little young for that?

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