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Monday, May 28, 2012

Artsy Fartsy

Here are some end of the year projects from my students...I am one proud art teacher!!! I think its very evident that I love my job that as I was putting away supplies and portfolios on the last day that it got me excited about some project ideas for next year :).
So to get some of that creative energy out the kids and I started some artwork today, we shall see what they turn into :)

I love printmaking, not to many others do but once my students get past the whole "working backwards" and " we have to carve that with that?" notion then they generally like it and end up with great prints!
The assignment was based off of Warhol's use of repetition and also required them to use 4 colors...a huge first time printmaking assignment!

These next few were done on scratchboard which is white kaolin clay with india ink on top. The students scratch through to create a black and white drawing and then use ink to fill in some of the white spots. The assignment was to create a negative space side and a positive space side, to carve out at least 50% white, and then to ink at least 50% of that in with one to two colors. Love love love this first one!

Next was a  jewelry project, inspired by tribal jewelry, the symbols, colors and look of it all, using air dry clay, wire and beads. Most beads you see here were handmade by the students as well out of the clay.

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