Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nannie Nannie Boo Boo

I'm really spoiled. I have the best job in the world....and it comes with the best students in the world!!! Today was our pool party from the annual auction. One of my favorite 8th graders bought it, which meant 7 more of my favorite 8th graders got to come along. To top things off, Vernon Wells, yes that one, offered to have it at his house..which is really like a resort!!! We had so much fun, and yes we did miss school for this PARTY!!!!

Upon arrival we each found a cute cup with our name on it and a clinique bag with make up inside :). These girls were my first class and I had them for Art, Bible and coached 4 of them in Volleyball!
 Hanging out!!!
 Man, its a rough life to be a teacher but somebody has to do it :). I love this super special lady!!
 And then we took it to the next level....this cracks me up!!!
 Jumping in!!! Check out those faces :)
 Sweet sweet girls...who I get to have again next year in Art...YAY!!!!!
 B E A U T I F U L :)
 Great friends, most of them also play basketball together.
 Attempting to all be on the slide at the same time.
 One more try!!
 THE MANSION!!!! No, really, this is probably 1/4 of the house, my camera wouldn't fit it all in :)
 The Wells are very generous people and we are so appreciative of them letting us come to their home!!
 Last try and they were successful!
 One of my favorite students ever, has a deep deep love for God and is an awesome volleyball player!!!!

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