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Friday, May 18, 2012


I wanted to document some routines that I cherish.

1-Praying with Goober on the way to school...he always prays that people won't be grumpy :)
2-Letting Ribbit give us kisses (lots of them on the lip) and shut the door as we leave for school in the morning. Most of the time she says " let me give you more kisses" and then screams "byyyeee mommyy" through the door several hundred times :).
3-Grocery Stores- Baby in the front, Ribbit either helping me push or in the "big part" and Goober grabbing everything he sees and asking "mom, do you have a coupon for this"? When we get to the front Ribbit begs me to let her "pay for it" and insist that I let her hand over our money or credit card :)
4-In the morning, Ribbit joins me for putting on make-up (well she is really at my side all the time) and asks if she can have some of everything...mascara, blush, deodorant, perfume, I do mock things on her..mostly applying lotion.
5-Wake up goes like this. Baby boy gets up around 5;30 and demands a bottle, we get him back to sleep at 6 and then Ribbit runs in our room and crawls in bed with us. She then puts her hands all over us, kicks us, tells us that she needs to " go potty in the big one" and that she is a princess and wants a ssssnack. We give in at 6:15ish, and as we make noise to get breakfast going Goober always tries to sneak out and scare us....sometimes he crawls behind the couch, sometimes he darts to and from room. He is always excited when I act scared and disappointed when I spot him :). 

Look what Daddy and PaPaw built for us :)

 We play on this every day!!!!  We "swing up in the sky"
Eating smores!!
   "mommy, smoke and bugs are on me" " i dont yike them"
    Eating her "chocolate sandwich"
  Fire was so tempting to this little guy :)
CC and Baby Boy watching everything with those big ole eyes :)

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