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Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm the only one awake and its only 8:13

Today was pretty hectic, two trips to two different airports, one to pick up two grandparents, one to drop off one grandparent. Church--which by the time we get ready and sit down in the van I am aching for a nap. Then we got ready for another busy week of school and now at 8:13 all of the adults and children in the house are asleep except for me :). Perfect time to blog and watch a biggest loser episode. We are back on our diet...I've decided that it was okay for us to go off of it after a) getting a newborn and b) having so many people bring us can't be picky if people are going out of their way to make you a meal. So now we are back to minimal eating out, lots and lots of healthy snacks, low low low sugar, and lots of fruits and veggies. I think watching biggest loser also helped to persuade me :).

I would ask for prayers right now...we are anxious/desperate/going crazy over why our home in TN hasn't sold. It's becoming a burden and keeping us from pursuing anything as far as buying a home here or making any other more permanent living arrangements. Adam is also job hunting, in a bad economy and with a masters in Biblical Studies and Archaeology. Don't get me wrong, I know he will find something but there aren't many people beating down our door asking him to dig up their land and look for The Ark or anything. We are also on pins and needles with Izzy's heart literally races whenever my phone rings. So, sweet sweet friends who follow our crazy life please please please send up fervent prayers for us...we believe in prayer and we know we serve a God who has already got it all figured out. 

Here are some pictures from Goober's teacher on field day and Peter Rabbit. They are pretty stinking great!!

Goob and one of his friends ready for flag football.
 Hopping away..look at that face :)
 Narrator, Peter and Mr. McGregor
 My sweet little bunny!
 Best for last, isn't this an awesome picture? They are having so much fun!! I love Goober sweet sweet friends and our school family!

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