Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lolly Time

So if you didn't know we have had two full weeks of grandparents here...with about 2 hours of overlap where 3 of the 4 where with the kiddos.
Lolly came first and loved on our kids, cleaned our house, cooked us dinners and allowed us to get some naps!!!
My parents are leaving tomorrow after a week of being here and they have also watched the kids, installed a background playset :), cleaned and cooked.
Tomorrow we return to crazy, sleepy, outnumbered town. Only 5 days of school, 2 hours of proctoring and 1/5 days of inservice left :)....and guess who flies in on Thursday????? UNCLE CHRIS!!!!

Here we are with Lolly at Foster Family Fun Day!!!! Eating cotton candy.
 Watching brother and sister bounce!
 Showing off our balloon swords and holsters! You can see 1/2 of his snowcone on his shirt.
 Celebrating Lolly's birthday....cheesecake at Olive Garden!!!
 Both kids wanted to take this picture right outside the restaurant with Lolly.
Thank you for coming Lolly...We love you!.....see you soon!!

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