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Friday, May 11, 2012

Family of 5

Funny updates before I forget them.

Baby Boy- you are a chunk!!! You weigh 13lbs, 11 ounces at 10 weeks old. You are 25 cm and are just the cutest. You are starting to coo back to me and love to be outside and rock. You sat with Papaw on the porch this morning and watched every car go by. You have crazy hair and love to take a bath!

Ribbit- you are soo dagum bossy. You constantly tell everyone how to do everything and get super mad if they don't do it. You talk as if you were in charge and you say everything with determination. You are just stinking cute though that its hard to not constantly squeeze you. If someone calls you honey or princess you say " no i'm (insert real name)". You insist that YOU and YOU alone turn on your nightlight everynight and you ask whoever is tucking you in at night to "pray to you" before bed. You still ask mommy to carry you like a baby after every bath, all snuggled in your towel and you still shake your booty for almost anyone who will watch.

Goober- you are soo athletic. Tonight we went to an outdoor concert and you, mom and dad played soccer. We were so impressed, that is until you stole it from your sister, ran after it, kicked at it and went soaring over the ball, landed on top of the ball and kept rolling.....i laughed so hard that I cried. I guess that is what you get for stealing the ball from Ribbit :). You are getting better and better at reading but have to started to speed through math so that sometimes you miss easy you everything is a competition. You love almost everything mom cooks and you are a big help cleaning up the table afterwards. You get mad if dad tells you to be strong or try again and you think he is making fun of you so you get mad and cry. He is just trying to encourage you and show you that he believes in you but you always accuse him of making fun of you. It makes mom laugh everytime which just makes you madder.

5 more days of class, 2 1/2 days of exams, 1.5 days of inservice and we are OUTTA THERE for this year!!!

Sleeping with Daddy after our morning bottle...oh my goodness, cuteness!
   Everyone in the bed while mommy gets ready for work!!!
 Baby boy looks scared, I would be too with those two jumping and hollering all around me!
 Pictures from my camera on Field Day!!! Look at our little Texas Ranger Fan!!!
                                       Fast little thing!!

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