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Monday, April 30, 2012

Late pictures

Here are some pictures off of our nicer camera...its been MIA for a while so there are some pictures of baby boy at 2 and 3 weeks oh my has he grown!!!

Daddy burping baby little.
 Hey mommmmmaaa!!!
 Family brother is in the bouncer beside me.
 Look at this little guy..if we put him in that right now he would pop right back out!
 This pictures are just plain ridiculous...Adam and I cracked up when we saw them.
First, I look like a hoity toity housewife..why oh why did I hold my elbows up like that?
Second, Ribbit has on these weird sunglasses, upside down and is begging me to hold her instead of baby brother.
Third, Goober is so stinking cute and looks like a little Denzel Washington.
Fourth, Adam had to haul butt to get in, thus the awkward pose :)
 This one is ten times better because Goober looks very chill and still oh so handsome...and now Ribbit is least baby brother is looking at the camera....I think we will frame this just for kicks :)

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