Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It's almost too good to be true....all 3 kids have been asleep now for 1.5 hours. I have done dishes, my bible study, watched a dvd for school and have surfed Facebook. That must mean tomorrow is going to be a whammy :).

To catch up life here has been pretty good. Adam and I are getting good at night feedings, meaning we dont' miss the sleep that much and just adjust by either going to bed earlier or drinking more coffee. Little man is sleeping for 4 to 5 hours at a time at night but gets real hungry right before bed and normally has a bottle at 7 and at 9 and then is out. We are also getting smiles out of him, lots of eye contact...he definitely knows when you are beside his crib...one night he was starting to fuss after i had rocked him for about 20 minutes and i just walked slowly up the crib and when he saw me he stopped and went right back to sleep :). He is also starting to spit up more and have more um....shall we say big man # 2's.

Ribbit is definitely more adjusted and now calls him her baby broder and asks where he is all the time. She will also say " baby broder es crying again" when ever he starts to fuss. She still isn't too keen on sharing me but most of the time can be easily comforted. She is starting to understand to be careful around little man, but still doesn't understand how to whisper. She got a new big girl seat...graduated into a semi-booster and she thinks she is hot stuff. She looks so little in that seat!

Goober has testing all this week at school but says he isn't nervous. He is such a huge help to us and loves to help us soothe baby brother. He is also starting to love to play outside with our neighbor more too. I guess since homework is dwindling and the weather is nicer he has become super attached to playing with his friend. They both love to battle beyblades and are constantly saying " let er rip". I walked into his room on Sunday and got my answer as to how he always knows when are neighbors are home. His blinds were pulled all the way up and his window aligns perfectly with their dining room window. I walked into his room with a towel on my head and a tank top only to see the sweet family of 4 smiling and waving across the tiny side yard. We had a talk about privacy with Goob and now the blinds are down.

So you know how we bought a new van Friday. Well I got rear ended today on the way to school. Its very minimal damage, she hit me at a red light...like a medium love tap. Her front plates indented my bumper but that was it. She had insurance and was nice enough to hopefully won't be too much of headache. At least I wasn't at fault :). Goober was so interested in the cop though that I about had to staple him to his seat the whole time.

We will post something later for her present, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT ERIKA..hope to see you soon!

My 1st Easter...thank you Krista for the onesie!!
 These are her cool dude glasses, wait til you see our easter pictures from church...yup, she has them on :) yup, she wears them upside down everytime.
 Look what we found at the park....ducklings..perfect for Easter weekend.
 Typical boy, jumps in the gross water after the ducklings.
 Got it!
 First of many captured ducklings...we couldn't find a momma but there was a dead duck down the way :(
 So before I could take a picture of her petting it she touched it and bolted :)
 The loot...the easter bunny is in cahoots with Santa and after much deliberation decided that from now on the kids will get an easter outfit, one small toy, 5 eggs and a LOVE BOOK for Easter. I decided that since Easter was our first big holiday with the kids that each year I will make them a Love Book with all the things we love about them from that past year in it. They both enjoyed looking at all the pictures and reading about themselves.

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