Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Guess who made a 100 on his spelling test?   GOOBER...a perfect score! and he had some rough words like : September, portion, carnation, sliding, etc.
Therefore a trip to Chuck E. Cheese over the Easter weekend will be happening...OH JOY!

We are also going to go car shopping on Friday...we need a vehicle with a 3rd seat BAD!!!!

Baby boy is on a somewhat predictable schedule, but is very much a holding baby!

Ribbit has started saying " mommy, i love you again" instead of I love you more. She has also started to realize when I am getting annoyed and will say " GOLLY CHILD"...which is what I say :). Except for when she says it we both fall into giggles.

Adam is in the home stretch of this semester and finishes in less than 3 weeks! I can almost begin to picture life with 2 incomes...almost!
                         Kisses in the morning....Ribbit was fresh out of the bath, thus the soaking wet hair.

Ribbit on the train heading home from the Princess show...yes, she is wearing her necklace under one arm, she wears them that way sometimes :)
Just the sweetest video ever, he loves his little brother and sings to him and kisses him all the time.

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