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Monday, April 16, 2012

Lazy Weekend

After last weekends 3 days of crazy we definitely took the last two days to be super lazy. Adam and I went on a date last night to my school's auction and had grown up time.....better than that grown up time all decked out. Someone asked Adam how did it feel to be on a date again and he said " this is the best date ever, I don't have to talk "...hardy har har. No really, it was a great time to watch so many families brag on, love on and give to our school. I left in shock and was very inspired. I just don't know where else in the world you would find another school like ours....I'm afraid that we would never find another job, family, school environment that would even compare to it.
Gone are the days where we can hire just one of my students to babysit. Nope, we had Izzy's normal caregiver watch him and then one of my students watched Goober and Ribbit here. While she was watching the kids her mother (a dear friend and fellow teacher) snuck over and cleaned our home. Yup, the biggest blessing ever. Floors are picked up, vacuumed, swept. Laundry is folded :), Dishes are done and the kitchen was spotless.......even the play room is clean. We were so grateful to her....what a true friend. Its once again so neat to see the church be the church during our "crazy life" moments.
Last night at the auction, everyone knew us as the crazy young kids who had adopted 3 kids within 13 months. It is so nice to be lifted up and told that you are being prayed for but to be honest Adam and I get a little queasy at all the praise we sometimes get. I have only said this to one person but most of the time I want to say " well we are just being obedient". I feel like that is too "self righteous" though and that I should just thank people when they compliment our "effort" or are "calling"....but really its just something we felt led to and Adam finally said to one person last night ....Hey, its just like anything else God calls you to, he gives you the strength to get through it and we are just wanting to be in His will. In all honesty, we have received the greatest blessing...I mean have you seen the sweet little faces that call us mommy and daddy :)?
 Baby brother is doing well, still quite fussy when things aren't going his way but he is allowing us to get longer stretches of sleep at night. He is definitely making better eye contact, head butting us alot with his powerful little body and giving us more smiles. He is a chunk, now weighing in at 10 lbs 3 oz...have I posted this recently?
Ribbit is definitely developing a great imagination and has been handing us fake ice cream cones that she makes and loves talking to her animals. In fact the other morning she was in the bathroom with me while I was taking a shower. She normally sits on the rug right outside the tub and reads a book or sings and talks with me. Anyways, all of sudden she started scolding my pile of dirty clothes. She said " all right, you not listen to me first time, you go to time out" and she moved my clothes to the corner of the room. Then she pointed to my clothes and said " you not cry or you go back to time out"....BWA HA HA HAH....i guess she has been listening to our discipline words :)
Goober is starting to be a little Adam and starting to side with his dad a lot more than he used to. WHen he and I were on our way to school the other day he looked at me and with the most adult look said " so mom, why did you make this decision" and then proceeded to argue Adam's case from a conversation he and I had the night before...I mean I was trying to be serious with Goober but was having a hard time not laughing. He loves loves loves that our family is now "boy-trapped" and that he is the "big man" :).

Here is a video of little man.

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