Monday, April 9, 2012

I think we are crazy

SO with our 3 day weekend, we spent most of our time out and about instead of resting. We did however end up getting a Honda Odyssey...for a great price, 7 hours of car shopping with 3 kids was worth it. We also rewarded Goober for his 100 on his spelling test by going to Chuck E Cheese for the night and letting the kids run around and eat junk :).
We also went to an Easter Festival, egg hunt, picnic at the park and whew...its only Saturday night.

Here are some pictures...not to much to write since my mind can't put lots of words together right now :)

Look who made an excellent at the art competition? My little man!

 Sister came along to cheer brother on!
 This 6th grader is Goober's bestie and look alike :).
 This is what tired looks like...7 hours of car shopping will do it to ya.
 This is what most morning look like....Mommy in the recliner, soothing baby brother and keeping sister quiet and happy in mommy's lap :). I know I will miss this moments later on!

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