Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Weekend Eve

Its almost 9:00 and baby boy is already asleep, ribbit has had her breathing treatment, a princess movie with mom and is already in bed and Ribbit and a friend are having a sleep over and are playing the Wii..while Adam and I sit behind them on the couch and get stuff done on our far a great way to start a 3 day weekend.
I had a busy week with our big art competition. It was in Pantego, Arlington where the large tornadoes hit on Tuesday...yup I was there setting up and yup I sat in a hallway for a while with kids saying " one just touched down 5 miles south of here". My heart was racing and all I could think about where my 3 kiddos ...sorry, Adam you crossed my mind here and there but most of the time I was texting people who could either see or knew the conditions of my kiddos :). The good news....13 of the 26 students either won a gold or silver medal and Ribbit got an "excellent" on his angel boy drawing that was submitted by his art teacher!
Things aren't really going well as far as getting baby boy permanently. CPS has told us different things, changed their story or just doesn't know too much. Now dad is requesting visitation and so far he hasn't been told NO. After our nightmare last Friday we are willing to protest any visits but who knows what good that will do.
To add to our stress, our renter high tailed it out of town today and texted us to let us know she had moved out and that we keep her full security deposit...come on, really? a text? from a 40 something year old? geesh. So now our house is back on the market and once again we have a mortgage and a rent. Once again we are seeking God to show us what he has in store for this house and how he can provide for us.
My car also started acting up today, the one that Adam drives to and from Fort Worth 3 days a week....power steering problems we think. Good thing we have my parents van and that we are going car shopping tomorrow. I am not sure where the money is going to come from for a new car, 2 home payments and a life for 5 people but the birds don't worry about where their food will come from and the flowers don't worry about what they will be dressed in, so we are attempting to not worry as well.

Here are some early pre-easter activity shots and videos. We had an easter egg hunt for the kiddos in our sunday school class. We have a large and WONDERFUL class that has loved on us and we have made super strong connections since November. We are the youngest couple and have the most children so we are always, and I do mean always seeking their advice.

         See all my eggs mommy? I put dem in my basket.

I not drop my eggs mommy, see?
 I had to chase him down and beg him to take a picture, geesh and with all those eggs to be hunted :)
 My 3 kiddos and their eggs...see even baby boy found some :) By the way, if you are wondering how they got so good at easter egg searches its because we practiced the day now if you come over you get to help us find those 4 eggs that have yet to be discovered :)

Ribbit's search
Goober's search

Our wonderful Texas family!
Baby boy was asleep in the car seat and didn't make it in the shot.

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