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Friday, April 13, 2012

Artsy Fartsy

Once again I must say how much I love my job...its my dream one...well I have another dream job that is starting to form but God would have to work that one out :).
Anyways, here are pictures from a recent competition we went to and where 13 of our kids took home medals..YAY!!

What a handsome little artist!!!!
 2nd place in Sculpture-Middle School
 2nd Place in Relief -MIddle School
 2nd place in Ceramics-MIddle School
 3rd place in Ceramics-High School
2nd place in Sculpture- High School
 1st place in Printmaking-High School

 1st place in Paper Art- High School
 1st place in Printmaking-Middle School

 2nd place painting-Middle School
 2nd place-Mixed Media middle school

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