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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

Well we made only took us close to 14 hours but we made it. The kids did great. Goober was starting to get a cold and the medicine we gave him made him super sleepy the whole trip. Ribbit didn't use the potty in her diaper one time!!! She went potty at every stop and we were so proud of her!!! They watched DVDs and played with some of the car toys that Santa gave them.
We got to Lolly and Captains house on Sunday night, ate dinner and went to bed. Not before Captain and Goob had a war with Captain using his marshmallow gun and Goob using his new Nerf Machine Gun. It was quite loud and the whole house shook....we are still finding darts everywhere :).
Yesterday we woke up and went straight to Captain Dental Office to get our teeth cleaned. Everyone got a good report and no cavities. The kids even helped clean mommy and daddy's teeth. Ribbit went shopping there and we came home with lots of toothbrushes and mouthwash. Then we all came home ate lunch and crashed for about 2 hours. Later that afternoon we took Lolly some cookies to work and then Adam and I took the kids to the park. Adam and Goob practiced batting and catching the baseball while Ribbit and I went all over that crazy park.
Last night we all went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant and then went to Santa's Village downtown. The kids had lots of fun, there were reindeer, fake snow, Mrs. Clause, Santa, Frosty, cookies, all kinds of stuff. Both kids went straight to bed and slept through the night.
Tonight Adam and I are getting a date night out with some friends of ours while the grandparents take the kids to look at Christmas lights.
Here are some pictures from Santa's village.

This is at the entrance.
 Frosty..Ribbit was so curious and just kept staring at him/her?
 Sleigh Ride
 The cutest snowmen ever!
 The cutest snowwomen ever!
 Listening to Mrs. Clause read a story
 So this picture needs some explaining. Goob has been asking for a dss (dont' ask me what that stands for). Its some kind of video game...adam and I refuse to give in and get him one b/c he is too young and he don't want him addicted to video games. Anyways, his d ended up looking more like an a, so that is why his #1 request came out to be a curse word...we laughed so hard. He didn't get it :)
 Mom and Goober
 Daddy and his kiddos
 Talk about being out of it...this girl was dead asleep with all kinds of drool. After this picture was taken she woke up and was ticked off, making mean faces for next little while.

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