Sunday, December 18, 2011


Santa did well. He ate the cookies, left a thank you note, closed the fireplace door and lined up the kids presents nicely. Both of them slept in this morning and we all walked out together. Goober just stared and stared at his gifts and then asked " Can I open one?". When we told him that they were all for him he went crazy and immediately grabbed the Nerf Gun....his #1 request. Ribbit told Mommy and Daddy thank you constantly and put her baby dolls under the blanket so they could go nigh nigh. Goober posed in his new shoes and was estatic when he opened a gift from Aubie that had two new Auburn sweatshirts in it :). Somehow Santa knew exactly what the kids wanted :).
Goober got us the best present ever. He handed us this bag and inside was a clay nativity set he had made. Joseph has a mohawk...its just Christmas gift so far :).
The rest of the day consisted of a Christmas Party thrown by the agency we used to adopt them. We ate pizza, played arcade games, got stockings from elves and visited from people that have a very special place in our heart :). The people working the party kept thanking us for adopting and for "what we did" . Its always great for us to be able to use that as a witnessing opportunity and let them know of the blessing these kids are in our lives and how we know God orchestrated it was a calling from him in the first place. Mom and Dad won an activity and ended up with a gift card to AMC Theaters....woop woop...DATE NIGHT!!!!!!
Then we went to Goob's flag football game...they lost but once again played an older team. He had one awesome catch and lots of good flag pulling. We finished off the evening by packing and watching Christmas movies.
We leave tonight for Alabama....i don't think you are supposed to post that kind of stuff online but if you plan on robbing us, please clean the house, run the dishwasher and vacuum while you are at it :).

I don't think I posted the video from last week's game of his awesome catch so here goes.. and then are some pictures of the kids working out with dad :)
Here is Ribbit rooting for her favorite brother :)

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