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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa's a comin

Its 10:10 on Friday, December 16th and guess what? Santa has already made an appearance at the Harvell house :). We wrote him and explained that we wanted to spend Christmas with our family in Alabama so could he please please come early to our Texas home? We even got his reindeer some food for their extra work. Luckily he was okay with that :)
We made sure that before Goob went to bed he knew that Santa would only come because he knows that its Jesus's birthday and that as a little boy "Saint Nicholas" gave gifts to children to help them celebrate Christ's birth. Its quite hard as a momma to balance the whole Santa thing when you really want to make the holiday centered around Christ. Advent has helped, Goob's school has helped reinforce that but other than that its a constant reminder that we are giving gifts out of the love that Christ gives us and that we could never outgive God. I read a great article that took some of the guilt off this momma (one who tries to do everything to make sure her kids have lasting memories and look forward to traditions) Here is the link Desiring God.Org.

Today was a great day. We all (yup thats right all 4 of us) went to Goob's nativity play..he was the innkeeper and with his arms crossed told Mary and Joseph that they couldn't stay in his inn but in the stable. Then we stayed for his Christmas party where they made prayer boxes, read the story of the Candy Cane and ate. Then we ran some errands (bank, gifts). Then we went to Ribbit's Christmas party at her old preschool and they kids ate lunch with her friends and she sang Christmas Carols with them. Then the kids and dad came home for rest while I went to the faculty Christmas Lunch. When I got home we all loaded up and went to Home Depot and bought tons of wood for my Mixed Media class next semester....that was fun with the kiddos (where is that darn sarcasm font?). As if we weren't all ready pooped we went to Dinner at McAlisters, then went Ice Skating, watched a glass blowing demo and rode around to look at several neighborhoods that had great Christmas lights.

Back to the ice skating thing..Goober begged us to do it. He had never ever ice skated, but of course like all things athletic he took right to it. He was going so fast around the rink that the manager kept asking him to slow down and by the end of the night knew his first name :). Mom on the other hand clung to the walls and begged for Goobers help at the entrance where the walls stopped. Dad and Ribbit watched and took videos. There is a great video of Goob attempting a spin, crashing into the wall, reaching for the top of the wall and then hitting the ice :). There is also a great video of mom getting instruction from dad on how to ice skate while Dad laughs at mom and then makes fun of her to Ribbit....CAUGHT ON TAPE!!!! When we got home, poor Goober had 4 blisters on his ankles from those skates but he says he wants to go again :).

Gooberisms (before I forget)
1. Goob and I were playing with one of my christmas gifts (from a student) the other day and he started to throw it. I said "okay goob, thats enough" and he said " what, we are harvells, we joke, we kid"  :)
2. In McAListers tonight Goob let one rip that could have cleared the whole restaurant....Adam, Goob and I were laughing so hard that I know people thought we were insane...especially when the TOXIN hit their nose. Then on the way home from ice skating Goober said " mom, do you like June Bugs?" I said "no" and he said " aw, why not, they stink and they are my #1 fans "....:)

Here are some videos from our day......they are pretty dagum funny!

Goober the InnKeeper
Jump Jump
What we are really proud of...our Goober memorizing scripture!
Ice Skating Fun!
Crash and Burn, while parents laugh :)

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