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Friday, December 23, 2011

Another post for today...because I can :)

This is really just a photo dump but since tomorrow we start the gift giving I know I will have lots and lots of pictures so I need to stay on top of things.
Goobers class after they acted out the Nativity...Goob was the innkeeper at Bethlehem. They also sang "Away in A Manger and Go Tell It on the Mountain" for us. He looks mad but he was just tired of getting his picture taken.
 Getting stated on his prayer box....his first prayer request to go in was that we would all have a safe trip to Alabama.
 Ribbit wanted to decorate something too so she put stickers on her forehead....
 both of them working hard on decorating things...
 like your cheek and lip with blue sharpie...look closely you will see it :)
 Mom and Goober at the ice skating rink...we had lots of fun.
 The night Santa came to our Texas home...Santa even sorted the gifts so that Goob's were on one side and Ribbits were on the other.
 Opening their stockings..we forgot about them and went outside to play with all our new presents (thus ribbit's boots )
 Both of the kids liked their Nerds Rope more than anything else in the whole stocking :)
 I found slap bracelets with animals on them....Goob put both of them on instantly and then made Ribbit really mad when he went to slapping her to get her bracelets on.
Goober is going to get his Christmas wish this year...BOTH front teeth are coming in and FAST!!! I don't know if we will recognize our little boy when he actually has teeth!

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  1. Okay Kinzie...I'm a little teary eyed! What a beautiful moment to see your babies open their gifts.