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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sleep--the best present!!

If anyone is still looking for that perfect gift for Adam and I...well look no longer....give us 1 maybe 2 hours all to ourself with a queen bed, heck we will take a twin and just let us sleep :).
In the last 48 hours we have worked, cleaned the house, hosted 19 7th grade girls, had the cops visit our house (thanks to a phone prank), re-cleaned the house,  gone to a 7:30 am flag football game for Goober, shopped for Christmas presents, rode camels (yes a Sallie the Camel has 1 hump kind) and attended a Pajama Christmas Party.
It would take a warehouse of Red Bulls to keep me up another minute (after I finish this blog of course :)).

Goober got the first and last touchdown of his game this morning. He caught a ball from 1/2 way down the about being impressed. Yes, I do have videos of it, and No, I didn't scream like a banshee this time. Goob made me promise not to scream before we got out of the car this morning. We promised Goob a milkshake if he got a touchdown and therefore we pulled into Sonic at 9 this morning and got our two kids I said, we are aiming for the parents of the year award!!

Ribbit has been learning all of the christmas songs and sings " Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells". She also has learned " Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory Glory" except her version goes like this " Glory Glory, God, Glory Glory, God". She has yet to unwrap any of the presents under the tree and instead of taking ornaments off the tree she just touches it and then yells " mommy I touch it"!!!

Her last day of preschool is this Wednesday. Then she will be with us for 2.5 weeks and then start a new preschool when we get back from Christmas break. I am so excited that she will be even closer to me now and that she will be in a Christian environment. We also found out that she will get to be in the 3 yr old class at our school next year.....HALLELUJAH!!!! I will have both of my kids with me!!!!

Here are some funny Gooberisms...
#1-As we pass a pink Volkswagon Beetle Goob says " that car looks like a booger, its lame".
#2- He was trying to teach Ribbit how to say Hallelujah. He broke it down like this HA, Lay, Ew, Jahwah....he was so proud of himself.
#3 Goobers new favorite joke goes as follows.
Goob: Dad, say something mean to me
Dad: Your booty smells
Goob: I know my booty smells but what are you? your booty smells too!
Followed by hysterical laughter from Goob, Adam and myself---he is trying to do the joke of "I know you are but what am I?....he thinks he is super funny which makes it even better!!!!
#4 Goob at Christmas Party: Mom, can I have one more cookie?
Mom: how many have you had so far?
Goob: only one
7th grade girl: Mrs. Harvell, but he already had 3 brownies
Goob: she didn't ask how many brownies as he scowls at the tattletale :)

Here are some pictures from our exhausting yet not over yet weekend :)

Mommy and Ribbit ride the camel. The man made me sit on the hump to keep her locked in. It was kinda scary, especially when the camel growled at us! Ribbit kept saying "Animal walking, Animal moving"

And here is big boy Goober, who wanted to ride without parents :)

Last but not least pictures from Breakfast with Santa last weekend.

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