Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Goober is watching Peter Pan with dad and Ribbit is down for a nap so I have some time to post pictures over the last week and half.  Enjoy!
Here is Goober showing off his new shoes from Santa :)
 Daddy sitting in the Christmas vomit :)
 Goober's gift to Mom and Dad...a nativity scene...complete with mohawk sporting Joseph.
 Getting ready to go outside and play with their new toys.
 Watching brother's football game later on that day.
 Ice Skating with Dad..he only used that thing about two minutes and then he got the knack.
 The oversized teddy bear from Nana Harvell :)
 Thank you Nana Harvell for all the presents :)
 Sitting in Nana's wheelbarrow
 Pushing around her new Elmo and stroller from Santa.
 Investigating dinosaur poop from  Uncle Jason.

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