Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I really haven't had the time or energy to post over the last couple of days. Santa has come 2 more times to visit the kiddos....and countless other presents from family members have been given. Let's just say that Adam and I are very thankful for the hitch and cargo carrier we received from his parents...otherwise lots and lots of presents would be left here in Alabama.
Here are some highlights from the last couple of days.
1-we went to Nannie and Papaws and the kids got to play with the cousins...Goober spent the majority of the day playing with the boy cousins on the bike outside. He was thrilled when we he got a remote control car, several books and musical instruments. Adam's family has never ever treated me like a guest and they have passed that on with our kiddos as well. We ate well that night....too well!
2-Santa came that morning to Adam's parents home and we spent the morning opening gifts with his family and a special guest....Mrs. Rentscheler (I think I murdered the spelling) who brought the kids some sweet presents. We got tears from Lolly....a yearly tradition and everyone gave sweet thoughtful gifts.
3-The next morning we went to church and left promptly for Bay Minette. We got to my parents house where everyone was waiting for us. My cousin Heather couldn't wait to meet the kids and she was great with them the whole time. We ate well again, played cards (a Coleman tradition that occurs whenever at least 4 of us gather, swapped gifts and just had fun. Adam and I made plans to go hunting with my uncle and his son later on this week and then.....Santa came!
4-Santa came at about 9 o'clock at night....which meant we were up super late exchanging gifts with my immediate family. The kids got lots of clothes...all a size to big..something I am a big fan of. They also got lots of neat toys.....Goober's favorite being his football, receiving gloves and practice outfit (that he is worn 3 days in a row now and it smells like dog). Ribbit got a Dora tricycle that she calls her motorcycle. She also got a baggie of lipgloss that has glitter in it and she used it all over Papa's  face that night and everyone else's face since.
5-My Aunt Robin knocked on our door early (well 9 o'clock) the next morning and we had fun eating breakfast with her, exchanging gifts and bringing my papa here to celebrate with us from the nursing home. Aunt Robin threw the football with Goober and he said that she is good for a girl :).
6-Adam and I left to go hunting at 4am yesterday morning. We sat in two different stands for about 2 hours. I saw nothing, but heard lots. He saw 3 but didn't think he was close enough to kill any. Luckily, my uncle had shot a doe the night before and gave us two hams. We are going again on Friday night---we are both determined to shoot something...its kinda funny. I felt like I had to kill something to feed my family...real Xena warrior princess like with my bright pink shoes on and my hand sanitizer just in case things got messy :).

We have tons of pictures and videos over the last couple of days but if I take enough time to edit and post them then I will miss the excitement around here.

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