Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jesus got bapatized

Goober and Adam had a good long talk at dinner about why people get Bap A tized. That's Goobers way of saying it and I personally like it. I always give Adam the stink eye when he tries to correct Goober's sweet sayings....I mean let someone else crush him :). He and dad read the story of Jesus's bap a tism (okay, okay I'll stop) and how God told him that he was well pleased. I know that God is already working in little Goober's heart but please join us in praying that he will come to salvation soon!

Ribbit has really started to sound like a little priss lately. If I am walking somewhere in the house without her, heaven forbid she yells "mommy wait" and runs and grabs my hand and then we walk there together. If she can't find Mommy or Daddy she yells " Mommy, Daddy where are you?". She also tells Goober and the cats what to do constantly and with her pointer finger :). Tonight I was singing her to sleep and when I was done she rolled over and put her hand on my cheek and said "my mommy, see you in the morning"--melt my heart.

Goober is the InnKeeper in the Nativity Play at school this year. He has afterschool practice tomorrow night and the play is on Friday. We have our family christmas on Saturday morning, followed by a christmas party at our adoption agency, followed by a flag football game, followed by a 12 hour drive to Alabama.....yay!

Here are some pictures from the Cookie Swap and Tacky Sweater Party we hosted for the 7th grade girls.
This is one of my sweetest and most talented (artistically) girls!
 She is new at our school this year but glad she came and is making friends.
 This is one of my friends daughters...she can work it :)
 Another one of my friends' daughters....leader of the worship team for our Logic School.
 This is Adam during the party....hmm, I really thought he would be into the whole thing :)
 My tacky scrubs top!
 Silly Shot!

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