Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Sweet Heart

Last night we went to Adam's Dad's side of the family for Christmas. We ended up staying until 9:00 (way past kiddos bedtime) because we were enjoying the time with family so much. It seems like everyone came this year (minus Kristy, Jake and Selah :( ). The kids were getting to know their 2nd cousins, great aunts and great grandparents better, the food was good and the company was great.
Ribbit was working the crowd. She was really on top of her game. I mean the flirting with all the men, the uncontrollable laughter from the smallest thing set everyone else into laughter. She also decided that Uncle Ronnie is her favorite and gave him kisses through the stair rail. She repeated everything anyone said, sang songs, danced, ate well, took pictures (somewhat) and was overall in a very good mood.
Goober on the other hand, had been feeling sick all day, had rashes on both his hands and feet (im thinking from something outside) and laid on the couch the first 30 minutes of the visit. He eventually got up and started throwing ball with the male cousins and from there out his mood improved. He also received a bear that is as large as he is from Nana and that really made his day. Nana continued to give Goob and Ribbit little presents all night long and Goob said "thank you Nana" each time-----thats what I saw.
When we got in the car to come home though, Adam turned around to make sure the kids were asleep (and they were) and then started telling me a story about Goober with tears in his eyes.
Earlier yesterday, Goober saw Captain cutting up an old credit card and begged him to have it. Captain said he kinda took it in a manner that made him think that Goober thinks credit cards are really cool and so he had to have it. So later on that night, when Nana kept giving him presents Goober walked up to Nana and said "here" handing her the credit card. He said " it doesn't have any money on it but you can have it". Later on when Adam saw the credit card laying on a coffee table he picked it up and started taunting Goober with it (not knowing he had given it to Nana) and said " look what I have". Goober grabbed it away from Adam and said " that's Nanas, I gave it to her". When Adam asked "why". He said " well because she gave me something, and that's all I had to give her". Apparently he told Nana the same thing last night and she just thought he had the sweetest little heart....and he does :).
Adam and I told him the story last night about the widow's mite and how she gave all she had and God was pleased with it, even though it wasn't considered to be a lot. He liked that story and we praised him for thinking of others first. We also got to tell him why everyone gave Nana gifts last night....because we were 1)celebrating Jesus' birth and 2) we were celebrating the fact that Nana passed down Jesus ---to Randy, to Adam and now to that is another reason we give gifts at Christmas, to celebrate family who have taught us well and passed down Jesus to us.

Funny note. Adam's cousin Jared has downs syndrome and it just the sweetest guy.....super polite, hands out hugs, says Thank you, please, sorry and is just so loving. He was standing beside me and Aunt Candie and asked her who those kids were..pointing to Goob and Ribbit. She motioned to me and said "those are her kids" and he whispered back ( loud enough for me to hear though )...."they are not white". Ha, we both told him that they were adopted and they call themselves Carmel....he didn't even wait a second before he said "that's okay that you adopted them, ok". The rest of the night he smiled at Ribbit, complimented the kids and loved it when he found out that he and Goober were both left handed (which I told him proves that they are related). He told me at the end of the night that my kids were OKAY!!!

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