Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Goobers Birthday

Today is the day when my BIG MAN turns 12.

He went and did CrossFit with me and then went back to bed while I sprinted. After that he got to choose breakfast so he got himself a jalepeno sausage roll, his siblings a doughnut with sprinkles and his dad a blueberry cake doughnut. We sang to him and let him open our gifts. He loved getting the knife he so desperately wanted in Costa Maya, takis (a really spicy chip---see a trend with his taste?) and a trip with Dad to see a Dallas Cowboys game.

Then we took the littles to their camps and he wanted to go spend his Half Price Books giftcard right a way. He got a book and a book lamp. Now we are at the library...geesh, what a hard kid to please :).

Once we get the littles from camp we are headign to the waterpark with 2 of Goober's friend in tow...Lord, help me...5 kids at a Water Park!!!!!!!!!!

I forgot to mention one of my favorite things about Goober...that he looovveesss to sing along to the VBS Cd's from our church. I mean like rock it out, motions and lots of emtions and melodees and harmonys. Adam and I always laugh at how into the songs he gets....I mean these are songs from 3 years ago and he still goes crazy when they come on....which flows over to his siblings and they get into it as well.

Tomorrow we leave for our annual summer trip to see family....we are hitting up Nashville, Huntsville, Gulf Shores and then heading back to TX. The kids are excited and I am too...I NEED A VACATION. I have had so many contract jobs this summer...painting classrooms, ceilings, making posters, painting timelines, redoing furniture and now sharing doTerra that I really need to be somewhere where I can't do I can relax :).

Someone found mommy's phone and hid under a desk!

Making paleo protein balls with wild orange oil...SOOOOO GOOD!

I was watching this take place last week and thought " this can't be my life"...look at my beautiful children in my beautiful home enjoying life together...It was a wonderful moment! Yes, they do wear their goggles in the sprinkler...HA

And then to make that moment more magical, DADDY JOINED IN!

Lots of laughter!!!!

Sometimes I have more thatn 1 workout partner..."look mommy, one hand!"

Fathers Day gifts...mostly handmade..nothing but the best for our Daddy!

The ribbon cutting ceremony at our new children's building at church. SO EXCITED  that we are in this after watching it go up for 2 years now!

Pan seared chicken thighs, jicama and red pepper salad and roasted green beans. YUM

Watermelon, mint from our garden, coconut milk and peppermint oil...SO GOOD

Those teefers just won't stay in there!

A messy eggplant lasagna with roasted eggplant, peppers and tomatoes, pork with rosemary from our garden, salsa and an avacado cream sauce made with avocado, almond milk and arrowroot to thicken it!

Leaving the library and he was exhausted!

My sous chef!

Round steak from Alabama, roasted rainbow carrots and cabbage!

doTerra boxes make fun hiding spots. We played the game "where is ________" at lesst 10 times. Adam even pretended to kick the box out onto the porch and send it back...THEY LOVED IT!

Cauliflower flatbread pizza with shrimp, pappers and mango!!!

Another workout in the books!!!

Orange, Mango ice cream made with coconut milk and wild orange oil!

Storytime at the library with Ronald McDonald..Ribbit was too scared of him to take a picture and Goober was at ice skating camp!

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