Sunday, June 5, 2016

Cruising Day 4

I have sat down to write this post several times but my new interest is slowly turning into a little business and I have been busy hosting doTerra oil parties and putting in new orders. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what they are doing for my family so more insect repellent with who knows what in it. No more acne meds for me, yup been off 2 months and replaced it all with frankincense and melaleuca. Goober is using the same treatment for his face and his acne is staying controllable, now if I can convince him to not wipe his sweat off every 5 seconds. I am learning how to cook with oils and I HAVE REPLACED ALL CLEANING PRODUCTS WITH THEM. Yup, my kids can eat what I clean with....if only I would have known about the OnGuard blend of oils when we were fostering, my home inspections would have been a lot easier!!!! Even Adam is using the oils and the toothpaste and loving it.
OK. Say it...we are that weird family who raises chickens, uses oils and eats hippie food from our garden. Its okay...we like it!!!!

So Day 4 went like this.

I woke up and walked 2 miles on the deck while watching the sun rise over Honduras..seriously awesome time with the Lord, basking in his creativity as shadows turned into this beautiful island. Then I headed to the weight room for a killer circuit of 3 push presses, 5 deadlifts, 7 knee ups and 10 calorie rows on the rowing machine. I did that circuit 16 times and then went back to the room, showered and crashed until 8 when the kiddos finally woke up. We headed to breakfast and sat close to our good friend Jericho and his family. The kids loved looking out every window they could to see Roatan, Honduras which was breath taking. Its a small island full of beaches and jungles. We did not book any excursions through the cruise as they were expensive and most of them lasted all day. Instead we researched each island. That led us to booking a taxi right outside of the port that took us to West End Beach....WHICH was beautiful. We hiked down to the cliffs that Adam had read about and snorkeled our little hearts out for 2 hours. DANG IT WAS HOT. We saw HUGE IGUANAS in the cliffs, we swam through large schools of fish, so thick that we coudn't see each other. We swam over and down to coral. We fed fish that literally jumped out of the water to grab bread!

We took on a new family song titled "Banana donuts", after listening to how a local sold his wifes homemade banana donuts up and down the beach coast. We listened to the insides of shells for the ocean, we talked with some vacationers from Holland and we took in the breathtaking views...all for the low low price of $45 dollars for the whole family. To do the same thing with the cruise ship cost $40 a person!!!!!!!!!

After we had decided we had enough of the sun and water we got dressed and walked down the beach to a recycled art store where we bought a dolphin ornament to hang on our tree this year. We packed back into a taxi with several college kids and headed back to the ship. Ribbit made quick friends with the girl she was sitting beside and told her her full life story, including adoption and then quickly fell asleep on her.

We ate lunch on the ship, put on dry clothes and found a teenage boy at the port who was willing to take us to the best local shops (not in the port) to help our 2 hours left there go by quick! We found a bookbag that Ribbit just had to have for first grade (she seriously thought about it for 45 minutes!!!). The boys spotted Honduran soccer uniforms and wanted them! They were turned on to Honduran soccer by their Uncle Chris and our friends from Honduras. The lady that sold them to us had 1/2 of her shop in the bay and it stunk. She was malnourished and laying on a bed. She asked us about our kids and when she learned they were adopted she asked us to adopt her. She blessed us several times and I felt so sorry for her. Adam found some cigars quickly with George's help ;) and we quickly ran back to port right on time!

We headed to the Dreamworks character parade which was lots of fun  and then headed to the sit down dinner. After dinner, Goober and Adam went to watch the Star Wars movie by the pool. Baby boy wanted to go to Adventure club for  a while and Ribbit wanted to cuddle me....GREAT IDEA. Once again Baby Boy begged to stay longer when we went to get him later on and everyone quickly fell asleep that night around 10!

They were so intrigued with not having to wear seat belts, driving on any part of the road that was free and literally packing 15 people into a 9 person van!


Big ole iguanas

Momma and the kiddos snorkeling

Daddy and Goober way out there and loving it!

Beautiful water!

A little scary!

Slept this way for a 15 min ride through the jungle and mountains!

Her new best friend.

Parade time!

Towel animals make everything better!

Showing off their Roatan loot!

Favorites for the day:
Ribbit-getting her book bad and collecting charms for her cham bracelet
Goober-snorkeling really close to coral
Baby Boy-snorkeling with fishies
Mom-BANANA DONUT SONG, being reminded of how blessed our whole family is as we drove  through Honduras and saw extreme filth and poverty
West End Beach was so stinkin beautiful!

Fun time shopping!

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