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Friday, June 10, 2016

Cruising Day 6

We woke up to a new place again, Cozumel! We had been here before with Goober on his Disney Cruise but we docked at a different port. However, we already an idea of what we wanted to do and how to get there!

I woke up and got in 3 miles while watching a beautiful sunrise!!! We all had breakfast and got off the ship and straight into a Taxi. We had read about Chankannaab Natural Reserve and wanted to take the kiddos there. They all loved being squished in the backseat of a small taxi with me, without seatbelts while Daddy rode up front. We got to beautiful Chankannaab, about a 10 minute drive away, paid our entrance fee and took off to explore.

We first went to see the archeaological ruins and replicas. The kids loved reading the names of the ancient Mayan gods but were so sad to learn that people worship false gods or idols. They loved looking into replica huts and finding real people in them making tortillas from scratch or telling them stories about steam rooms. We finished exploring and decided to jump in the awesome looking pool until the sea lion show started. We cooled off and headed into the sea lion show dripping wet. It was a great show and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it, especially when the seal sang. We didn't know it but we all got to get a Sea Lion Kiss at the end of the show which was a great bonus. We the found shaded chairs close to the lagoon and snorkeled in the shallow water for a bit, finding beautiful crab shells, fish, coral and really neat growth on rocks. The boys wanted to go deeper, out past the lagoon into the 16 foot water that was CLEAR and beautiful. Ribbit had had enough of snorkeling and wanted to practice her tricks back in the pool. So the boys and girls divided and had lots of fun. The boys saw underwater cannons and statues. They saw barracudas, parrotfish, coral and loved being out in the ocean with their daddy. Ribbit perfected her swiming and flips and was quite content having mommy to herself. We met back up after an hour or so and headed to see the Crocodiles...which our kiddos know all about since they watch Wild Kratts and soak up information about animals like sponges.

We knew we wanted to go back to Margaritaville for lunch since we had done that with Goober and had a lot of fun. However, this was time was less fun as 4 ships were docked at Cozumel that day and the college age kiddos were dancing very inappropriately and playing drinking games. So we turned the kids towards the water, thank goodness we ate out on the dock, and they sang and danced along to every song, not knowing what was going on behind them. When the clown and balloon artist showed up everthing got better and the food was great as we remembered.

We then started our long trek to find the stores we wanted to hit. We literally walked over a mile in the blazing heat, most of the time with one or both us holding kiddos. We got Ribbit the free charms and necklaces she wanted with her coupons from the ship. We found the Del Sol store where everything changes color in the sun. We found Adam his cigars, the boys their batman and spiderman wrestling caps and Ribbit a dolphin shirt with a mouth that opens. I also found the vanilla that I bought there last time and was almost out of at home!!! The boys both learned how to barter after Goober accidentally told one of the shop owners how much money I had on me....and then Baby Boy would ask all the owners "Is this cheap?"

We got back on the ship, dead tired and sweaty BUT we knew we had to enter the Family Gaga Ball Tournament. We had a blast and ADAM won...way to beat those 11 year olds babe ;). We headed to the nice dinner and the kids looked dead tired the whole fact Baby Boy fell asleep in my lap.

After that the kids wanted to go to Adventure Club and Adam and I went to a Trivia Game, looked through our pictures that the cruise staff had taken, settled our on board accounts and all fell asleep watching Doc McStuffins and basketball.


Giving Joseph, our room attendant some pictures they drew him!

Taxi picture! Not sure where Ribbit is?

The ruins

beautiful water falls

Cool skeletons!

Getting in a cool dip in the pool

Sea Lion show

Small lagoon snorkeling

Deep water snorkeling

Taxi ride again!


Showing off their loot!

The cutest Mexican wrestlers you have ever seen!


Baby Boy got his face painted at Adventure Club...we let them play for a minute in the arcade before bedtime.

Towel animals..two per night since we had two rooms!

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