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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Cruising Day 7

In Summer news we FINISHED VBS and dang we are tired. It was an amazing week but between PK4 class for Baby Boy....1st grade for Ribbit.......Wild Week for Goober and Mom directing 121 first graders daily we are TIRED. I loved watching the kids learn the worship songs and all the motions. We also managed to book something for every single day after VBS...lunchdates, workdates for mom, oil meetings and buying supplies for art camp next week.

To sum up our cruise though, Saturday was another full day at sea and we took full advantage of it and stayed busy the whole day.

I woke up and got in 4 miles while watching a beauitful sunrise and then did a CrossFit WOD in the fitness club with the rower and weights. The kids were still asleep so I went back and did the AB class which kicked my booty. We all headed to a late breakfast and then to towel animal folding class. The kids loved it and helped the crew name the animals. From there we got in another game of putt putt and swimming. At noon we, along with 8 other families ran all over the ship for the Family Scavanger Hunt. we couldn't use elevators and we had 7 floors to explore for the hunt. We had some of the youngest kids and therefore Adam carried Baby Boy and flew up and down those stairs....he was covered in sweat by the end BUT WE GOT 3rd place!!!!

We ate lunch and headed over to the theater to watch Kung Fu Panda 3 in 3D. The Kung Fu Panda movies are the best and my kiddos love them as adoption is a theme througout all 3. We then swam our little hearts out until dinner. After dinner the kiddos went to adventure club one last time and Adam and I headed to another comedy show and the farewell show. We then went back to the room and packed up both rooms without the kiddos. We decided to do early disembarking and carry our own luggage off the next day so we had to pack WELL. We grabbed the kids, let them love on and thank their adventure club workers and headed to bed.

The next morning, I woke up really early and felt really good. I had told myself that it would be really neat to run a half marathon while on the cruise ship. Therefore I headed to the jogging track and knocked out 59 laps (which equals 13.1 miles). There were several people up on the track from 4:39 until I finished around 6:15 and they were all watching the cruise dock at Galveston. Watching it dock actually made me feel really sick as we pulled in past the dock and then backed into the unloading pier.....running forward in circles while the ship was going backward made me feel pretty sick actually. But I finished!!! We ate breakfast on the ship, got in the line to get off and 1 hour later we were in our car heading back to our home.

We LOVED every minute of the cruise and every time someone ask the kids "what was your favorite part of the cruise" they get this terrified look and say "thats not fair, I cant pick just one"..."can I tell you my top 3 or 5?".

I forgot to post our favorites from Cozumel..
Daddy-snorkeling with his boys
Mommy-Baby Boy wore his spider man wrestling hat to dinner and all the waiters lined up and clapped for him yelling "spidey"
Goober-seeing statues underwater while snorkeling
Ribbit-swimming with mommy
Baby Boy-snorkeling

Last day favorites..
Mommy-watching all kids play together in the pool and thoroughly love on one another
Daddy-Family scavenger hunt
Goober-Watching Kung Fu Panda 3
Ribbit-Towel folding class
Baby Boy-Swimming

Learning how to make a bat, elephant, dog and monkey!

Playing in the waterfall in the kids area.

3rd place at family scavenger hunt!

They wanted their picture taken in this frame couch.

At dinner with Spidey and Ribbit and I showing off our matching necklaces from Cozumel.

Look I am a walrus!

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